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This website is supported by Magnus Research Consultants, Inc. and Magnus Graphics, Inc. Magnus Research was founded in 1993 by Dr. Melissa Pigott and David Fauss to provide high quality jury and trial consulting services to clients nationwide.

Magnus is dedicated to helping attorneys achieve successful litigation results in jury trials, mediation, arbitration, and bench proceedings through collection, analysis, and application of pertinent information and development of powerful demonstrative aids. Assessment of the psychological factors affecting decision making has a direct impact on the litigation of the case, and ultimately, its outcome.

Magnus Research Consultants
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Insights for Success®

Scientific jury research services have become the hallmark of the very best legal representation. Even the most thoroughly prepared attorneys benefit from the insights which can be gained through research.

Magnus’ research, consultation, and graphics services will provide these benefits, and more, for your client. Magnus is responsive, sophisticated, and experienced. Magnus will demonstrate the benefits of scientific evaluation of case issues. Magnus will prove what powerful demonstrative exhibits can do to enhance your case.

Experience the difference of adding scientific determination in your next case.


Magnus provides Insights for Success®

Magnus Research Consultants

All products and services provided by Magnus are based upon sound principles of social science. These services, both quantitative and qualitative, can be developed to address all types of research needs and budgets.

Services include:

  • Community Attitude Surveys
  • Case Analysis Survey
  • Case Strength Evaluation
  • Focus Group Research
  • Mock Trials, Mediations, and Arbitrations
  • Attorney/Client/Witness Evaluation & Preparation
  • Jury Selection
  • Supplemental Juror Questionnaires
  • Post-Verdict Interviews
  • Trial Progress Evaluation
  • Silhouette Jury Panel

The greatest benefit can be achieved when Magnus is involved during the early stages of case development. A relationship often begins during discovery and depositions then continues throughout each phase of case development and resolution.


Through the research and consultation services provided by Magnus, the ability to achieve the most favorable result is greatly enhanced. Affordable programs are designed to develop effective trial or mediation strategies, provide insight into jury decision making, and reduce the uncertainty surrounding case outcome. With the expertise of the professionals at Magnus, your clients know you have done everything possible to assist them.

Magnus Graphics

Magnus Graphics works closely with Magnus Research Consultants to develop demonstrative exhibits for use at hearings, mediation, arbitration, and bench or jury trials. Magnus Graphics often uses information gained during jury research to develop exhibits based on what fact finders want to know, see, and hear.

Services include:

  • Electronic Multimedia Presentations
  • Animations
  • Timelines
  • Document Enhancements
  • Graphs/Diagrams/Flow Charts
  • Photography/Videography
  • Day in the Life Documentaries
  • Video Editing

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